Why Church?

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Why do we gather together each Sunday morning as a church?  What draws us to Light Street?  What value or meaning do we find here for our lives?

I imagine some of us come here because we want to experience God, and when we gather here together for worship, God feels just a little bit closer to us.  Maybe it’s the beauty of the sanctuary.  Maybe it’s the music.  Maybe it’s hearing God’s word read and interpreted.  Something about worshiping in this place touches us and helps us experience the presence of God more deeply.

I suppose others of us come here because we want be better people.  We are attracted to Jesus as a model for our lives.  And in the church we have the opportunity to learn about the life and teachings of Jesus and to be supported in our efforts at following him.

Some of us are part of the church because we want to make the world a better place.  The church offers us opportunities to serve others, to build bridges of understanding and reconciliation between peoples and nations, and to advocate for human rights, justice, and peace — locally, nationally, and internationally.

Still others of us come here because of the people.  In a world where so many individuals are isolated and alone, this congregation provides us with community.  It gives us a sense of belonging.  It is a place where people care for one another and support one another.  It is a place where friendships are built and relationships nurtured.

I suspect that most of us are part of Light Street Presbyterian Church because it has touched our lives in some important way, because it has met some spiritual need in each of our lives that was not being met elsewhere.


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