Our Values

Affirming God’s love and purpose, 

Light Street Church values:

Roots – drawing spiritual nourishment from worshiping God, following the life and teachings of Jesus, and connecting to God’s Spirit moving in and among us.

Eco-Justice – caring for God’s creation and using the Earth’s natural resources responsibly to meet basic human needs and sustain future generations

Shalom – encouraging wholeness and health, justice and peace, for all people.

Service – responding to local and global needs with acts of compassion and generosity.

Community – building supportive, caring relationships among God’s people.

Inclusivity – offering hospitality and respectful welcome to all who seek God.

Creativity – providing opportunities for sharing personal gifts and talents.


Recently, while prayerfully considering how to partner with a new pastor, our Ministry Assessment Committee created this Mission Statement:

Light Street Presbyterian Church is a small, diverse, inclusive, spiritual congregation situation in an economically diverse urban setting. Our mission opportunities may be found in providing physical and spiritual nourishment to our community. We will share our assets to restore abundance to bodies and health to spirits. We as a church family will seek to be Disciples of Christ in all our actions and help others find peace through Christ’s grace.

We will open our hearts and minds and doors to all in our community who seek God.

We will offer experiences of mutual mission among diverse groups.

We will nurture spiritual growth in our neighbors, their children, and ourselves.

We will maintain our commitment to being an inclusive congregation.

We will continue our efforts to preserve the beauty and integrity of creation.


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