Peacemaking logo-1Commitment to Peacemaking
July 1, 1984

God’s Covenant with creation is given as grace and peace.  Peace (shalom) is the wholeness and community in which human beings are meant to live.  Although all people are sinners, God continually renews the Covenant through our Lord Jesus Christ.  God’s peace heals, comforts, strengthens and frees.

Responding to this good news, the church goes into the whole world to point to and become a part of God’s peacegiving.  God’s peace is offered wherever there is brokenness – in individual lives, families, congregations, communities, nations and creation.  In God’s Covenant, the world and the church experience wholeness, security and justice.

The General Assembly has affirmed in “Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling” that God’s peacegiving in a broken and insecure world is central to the message of the gospel.  Therefore people of faith engage in peacemaking, not as a peripheral activity, but as an integral part of their congregational life and mission.

Responding to God’s Covenant, the session of Light Street Presbyterian Church now commits itself to peacemaking.  In fulfilling this commitment, we will do peacemaking through:

WORSHIP – help to provide worship that points to the reality of God’s peacegiving;

PRAYER AND BIBLE STUDY – encourage the members of the congregation to receive God’s peace in their own lives and, through prayer and Bible study, to seek it for today’s world;

PEACEMAKING IN FAMILIES AND IN THE CONGREGATION – enable and equip members of the congregation to grow as peacemakers in their families, in the congregation and in the community;

COMMUNITY MINISTRIES – help the congregation to work for social, racial and economic justice, to confront racism and all other forms of prejudice and to respond to people in the community who are caught in poverty, hurt by unemployment or burdened by other problems;

STUDY AND RESPONSE TO GLOBAL ISSUES – encourage the congregation to support human rights and economic justice efforts in at least one area of the world, such as Central America, Southern Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, East Europe, or Central Asia;

GLOBAL SECURITY – help the congregation study global security concerns, work for worldwide arms control, and support alternatives to military solutions to international and civil conflicts;

MAKING PEACE WITH THE EARTH – involve the congregation in efforts to protect and restore the environment;

RECEIVING THE PEACEMAKING OFFERING – support financially the churchwide peacemaking effort by receiving the Peacemaking Offering and through other means.

The session will lead and support the congregation in this peacemaking response to God’s Covenant.  We appoint a member of the committee to be our contact with the presbytery peacemaking committee and with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program to receive and distribute information and resource materials which will help us to fulfill this commitment.

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