At Light Street Presbyterian Church,
worshipping God means . . .

  • Praising God with music and prayers.
  • Thanking God for all we have.
  • Acknowledging to God our weakness
    and mistakes.
  • Asking God for strength.
  • Listening to God with open hearts
    and minds.
What are people saying about worship at
Light Street Church?
  • “I find worship at LSPC very meaningful. I especially appreciate our sense of family and Roger’s spiritual leadership.”
  • “I really get a strong sense of church “family” when I am there.  I miss you all if I am away for more than a couple of Sundays in a row.  I absolutely love having the space in the back of the church for the children to be with us.”
  • “I love the environment, the atmosphere, and the people. There is something special here that must be cultivated to grow.”

Dancing Victoria 3

  • “I have found the sharing of joys and concerns to be an uplifting and wonderfully community-forming part of the service.”
  • “The sanctuary, the windows, the banners, the instruments, the children’s area, the spirit of the people all set a healing and centering and warm tone. I always look to the service for spiritual centering, which always happens.”
  • “I love Light Street Church — it was my first church home as an adult and it remains very much ‘home’ to me.  Worship there brings joy to my heart, and me closer to God.”
  • “The worship service makes me feel part of the larger church — meaning the church universal, the worldwide church, the global church . . .”
  • “I am very fortunate to have “found” LSPC with a wonderful caring membership! Feels like I am meeting old friends when I attend church.  The genuine warmth of the congregation is apparent every single Sunday.  Roger is a treasure beyond words.”


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